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LifeMastery Builder
      Time Required: 15-20 minutes
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Life and work are on a collision course for many people. Stress increases as people feel out of control. This 72 question inventory allows people to achieve balance and harmony after clarifying priorities and necessary future actions.
For Individuals
  • A framework for assessing "how they're doing" in addressing 12 basic needs of adults - family, work, health, economic security, learning, leisure, etc.
  • A benchmarking and planning tool to guide assessments and actions several times a year.
  • A discussion framework for focusing priorities and problems in having a harmonious, relatively stress-free life with family and significant others.

For Managers
  • A benchmarking tool that highlights people's life concerns and measures accomplishments.
  • A common framework for developing expertise and resources regarding the 12 basic needs.

For Organizations
  • A benchmark of the major issues and concerns facing today's workforce. Compensation and benefits policies and practices, as well as management actions can be reviewed against the workforce's primary concerns.
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