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Career Management Needs Analysis
& Strategy Development
Our consultant team will help you clarify your issues and needs, identify potential target groups, educate and align key stakeholders, identify potential success measures, and develop a “blue print” for your implementation and communication strategy. As a first step, we recommend that we meet with you in person or virtually to explore your needs and determine the best next steps. Contact us to learn more about our surveys and assessments to help you identify your Career Management Solutions needs and/or gaps and to benchmark your initiative.
Retention & Development® Indicators

Career Dimensions Survey™

Manager/Leader Engagement Survey - TalentBuilder® Assessment

Employee Career Ownership and Empowerment Survey - Career Initiative® Assessment

Retention & Development Indicators®
Questions we explore around key retention factors include: How well are you doing? What's most important to your workforce? Contact us to learn more about our capabilities.
Organization Retention Success Factors
A+ Managers/Leaders
Career Discussions
Career Mobility & Advancement Options
Challenging Work & Special Projects
Training & Development Options
Strategic Vision
Work/Life Balance
Comparable Compensations

Career Dimension Survey™ - Organizational Career Management Solutions Key Stakeholder Survey
Contact us to learn more about our capabilities.

Career Dimensions
Partial List of Success Factors
Future Perspective - Organization Mission & Strategy Alignment
- Future Career Prospects in the Organization
- Preparedness for Change in Organizatonal Environment
Systems & Practices
- Career Information/Career Mobility Options
- Succession Planning
- Promotion Practices
Work Design - Task Variety
- Autonomy
- Significance Meaning
Managerial Support - Rewards for Developing Employees
- Career Coaching & Feedback
- Retaining & Engaging
Individual Career
Management Concerns
- Career Discussions
- Career Mobility Options
- Career & Professional Development Plan

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Manager/Leader Engagement Survey - TalentBuilder® Assessment
(Self Assessment & Team Assessment versions)
Contact us to learn more about our capabilities.

Captures benchmark information on 50 leader/manager behaviors for success. Question: What actions have your managers/leaders taken to engage, develop, and retain their talent and high potential individuals?

A+ Manager/Leader Practices
Manager Retention, Development, and Engagement Success Factors - Sample behaviors
Appreciate Uniqueness - Listen to employees’ concerns about the progress
  or direction of their careers
- Help employees identify their skills and competencies
Assess Capabilities - Explain criteria for assessing the quality of people’s work
- Provide individuals with specific feedback on day-to-day
Anticipate the Future - Explain formal and informal factors that determine career
   success in the organization
- Talk clearly about changes in the organization that will
   require new learning
Align Aspirations - Help employees link their career goals to the organization's
   strategic goals
- Help employees develop multiple career options
Accelerate Learning - Coach employees in developing detailed learning plans
   based on their career goals
- Craft on-the-job work experiences that help employees
   build new competencies

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Employee Career Ownership & Empowerment
- Career Initiative® Assessment
Contact us to learn more about our capabilities.

Question: What actions have your employees taken to take charge of their careers and professional development?

Career Areas
Career Management Success Factors
PersonKnow Your Strengths
How Am I Unique?
- Interests
- Values
- Competencies/Skills
Performance – Know Your Reputation
What Are My Capabilities?
- Reputation
- Feedback/Others Perspective
- Network
Place – Know Your Environment
How is the World of Work Changing?
- Industry
- Organization
- Profession/Trade
- Job
Possibilities – Set SMART Goals
What Are My Options
- Career & Life Options
- SMART Goals
- Organizational Alignment
Plan – Develop an Action Plan
How Can I Accelerate My Learning
- Support/Mentors
- Development Plan
- Daily Practice
- Career Discussion

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