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About Mastery Works

MasteryWorks, Inc. teams up with individuals and organizations in four key areas of Organizational, Career, Life, and Team mastery. By working with the MasteryWorks team, you will be able to choose your areas of mastery and create a unique path for learning.

At MasteryWorks, Inc. we share our 30 year proven track record in developing highly effective learning systems, tools, workshops, and consulting services with others. We challenge organizations and individuals to make learning an ongoing practice, and to use mastery as a standard for excellence.

Our Mission

We inspire, support, and advance mastery, enabling people to do more than they ever dreamed, and organizations to go further than ever imagined.

How We Work

We build close partnerships that create tools, practices, and systems, which align and synchronize individual aspirations with organizational missions.

MasteryWorks consultants work with organizational leaders to inspire a "mastery mind set." Our consultants also work with team leaders to spark an environment for mastery, and with individuals to craft goals and practices that help them achieve mastery and harmony in work and in life. Those who participate in MasteryWorks programs move forward with a strong sense of purpose and direction, regardless of their unique stage of mastery

Results of the MasteryWorks Process

Every organization benefits from an increasingly adaptable and competent work force. MasteryWorks, Inc. helps companies determine their future talent requirements and develop a system that supports learning and organizational excellence. MasteryWorks, Inc. plays a central role in:

  • Helping leaders build strategic organizations;
  • Planning for success: being sure talented professionals are ready for key positions;
  • Enhancing the professional development of individuals: employees, workers going through outplacement, young adults, and university students;
  • Creating organizational talent mapping systems that help secure and promote retention among promising employees;
  • Supporting life and transition planning for individuals;
  • Coaching team leaders and team members to increase their effectiveness; and
  • Building mentor/apprentice systems, and educating individuals on how to create their own mentoring relationship.

What is mastery?

Webster defines "mastery" as a "possession or display of great skill or technique." This skill enables us to perform at our highest level in a given profession or life area, and to be seen by others as "the best in the class."

Why is mastery so crucial?

The increased complexity of today's global and competitive work force makes mastery the real strategic advantage for all organizations. At MasteryWorks, Inc. we know just how demanding today's work force can be. It is no longer enough simply to be knowledgeable in a given field or profession. In order to succeed, we must also demonstrate depth and confidence in our judgements, take risks, and be results-oriented.

Our MasteryWorks team will show you how to face these ongoing demands and how to prepare for future changes and trends. By achieving mastery in your chosen areas, you will be able to meet these challenges with newfound confidence and determination.

What are the stages of mastery?

The four stages of mastery are apprentice, contributor, coach, and master. It is critical to know what stage of mastery you are in, and in which areas you would like to excel. Since mastery is an ongoing, multidimensional process, it is possible to have differing areas of mastery in your life. For example, you may be an apprentice in your profession, a coach with your production team at work, and a master in the arena of life and family.

As a result of the various stages and areas of mastery, we all need guidance and support during each stage of our development. MasteryWorks, Inc. has developed a proven formula for success. By participating in our workshops and using our strategic tools, systems, and services, you, too can build a foundation for lifelong excellence!

Mastery: It's essential for success!

There is an age-old pattern to developing or attaining mastery.

First you dream to be great at something. Maybe it is to be a top manager, golfer, writer, sales representative, systems engineer, parent, teacher, or gardener.

Then you study what it takes to achieve your dream. You read. You observe. You research the experts and discover all the basic techniques and subtleties of the art or craft. You paint a clear picture of what excellence looks and feels like, and you picture where you are in your own growth process.

Then you find an expert coach or mentor and practice, practice, practice!

These are the steps to mastery in work or life - for you or your organization.

At MasteryWorks, Inc. we inspire, advance, and support mastery, based on where the individual or organization is in its growth cycle.

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